With the five partner organisations, Makershuis Tilburg offers alumni and starting performing artists who want to enter the field of performing arts, the ultimate place within the urban dynamics of Tilburg “Stad van Makers”. The purpose of a Makerstrajectory is to offer young artists a place in the professional practice to experience to be working within a professional organisation with all professionals who join the partner organisations.


The partner organisations provide access to their knowledge and international network. Performing artists move and discover within the professional practice; space and manpower be provided by all partner organisations within Makershuis Tilburg. The combination of the divers partner organisations under one overall structure, for improvement of talent development in Tilburg, delivers unique cross-fertilizations and specialist and multidisciplinairy support for artists.

MAKERSHUIS TILBURG is a collaboration between five Tilburg based partner organisations: Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, Festival Circolo, Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg and DansBrabant, and is one of the four creative breeding grounds of PLAN Brabant.


The board of Stichting Makershuis Tilburg is composed of five executive deputies, one from each partner organisation, and the artistic board consists of five artistic representatives.


Makershuis Tilburg is a home without a home. We work nomadically at all our partners’ locations throughout Tilburg. Artists are therefore flexibly housed in the available studios and spaces.



Willem II Straat 49

5038 BD Tilburg



Boardmembers: Marieke Machado-Veekens (chair), Wim van Stam (treasurer), Sophie Lambo, Rob van Steen, Marc Eysink Smeets


Rob van Steen (secretary)


Sandra Smits (executive coördinator)

Adeline Willems (creative producer)


Makershuis Tilburg is a charity with ANBI- status. Please find our annual summary 2021 and financial report 2021 here.

FolLOW Makershuis Tilburg


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